Job Fair

Next Job Fair: Spring April 20, 2016

Space fills up very quickly, so don't wait to register!!

For more than 15 years, employer surveys have rated FC's Job Fairs
as one of the top
three in Orange County!

Our student population has blossomed (up to 22,000) with experienced workers refreshing their skills or changing their careers, and others preparing for their associate degree or completing their certificate program.  Many already have their bachelor and master's degrees.  First-time students are exploring their career options and are eager to see the opportunities provided by local businesses.  Come meet them in person - each individual has unique qualities to offer that could benefit your company.

While job fairs are a wonderful opportunity to recruit individuals in a short amount of time, it is also a perfect opportunity to give your company visibility in the community and inform our students and staff of the products and services that your company provides.  Our faculty enjoy the many opportunities you provide for extra credit assignments on job/career topics. All of us share your information with our families and friends.